Premium Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

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Natural Wood Pellets for Your home and commercial Boiler.

Clean and easy to handle
- Ideal for pellet boilers
- Easy to handle 15kg bags
- 6mm Premium wood pellets made from UK sourced timber
- Low CO2 Emissions
- Cost Effective
- Hotter Burning than Standard Firewood
- Full sustainable source
- Low ash

Our Premium Wood Pellets are the ideal low carbon fuel for automatic clean burn boilers, Multi fuel Stoves and Open Fires. It can also be used on BBQs and in Chimeneas. Convenient bags take up less storage. Environmentally acceptable and economical Wood Fuel Pellets are a by-product of timber manufacture. They are made from genuine British roundwoods from environmentally sustained sources.
Always check Manufacture's recommendations first and instructions first.
The low ash residue when cooled can be used to enrich garden soils.