Fuel Express

Specialists in year-round free & prompt nationwide deliveries of Domestic Heating Fuels, ancillaries, Calor Gas and Summer Garden Products.

Multibuy 1

Multibuy 1

10 x Wood Coal, 10 x Traditional Logs, 5 x Kindling wood and 5 x Firelighters
Housecoal 20Kg

Premium Housecoal 20Kg

Bituminous house coal for open fires
Blaze 20Kg

Blaze 20Kg

A smokeless fuel for open fires room heaters and cookers.
Ultimate Quality Heat

Ultimate 25kg

Ultimate Quality, Ultimate Heat - leaving behind very little ash.

Homefire 25kg

Homefire is a smokeless fuel for open fires and multifuel stoves with up to 80% less smoke and 25% less carbon dioxide than house coal

Taybrite 25Kg

Taybrite is an economy smokeless fuel for room heaters, multifuel stoves and boilers
Heat logs


Heatlogs for use in open fires, and multifuel stoves. Its versatility also makes it a good outdoor fuel for use in the summer in a chimenea or fire basket.
Hardwood Logs

Hardwood Logs - Net

Seasoned hardwood logs are ideal for open fires, multifuel stoves, wood burning stoves and any other wood burning appliances.
Chimney Cleaning Fire Log

Chimney Cleaning Fire Log


3 FOR 2

The Chimney Cleaning FireLog is easy to use and suitable for most wood and solid fuel burning appliances