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Smokeless Fuels

Anthracite Small Nuts 25kg

Anthracite Small

A Natural Smokeless fuel ideal for closed appliances and room heaters.

Blaze 20kg

Blaze Smokeless Fuel (CERT NO MSF0164)

A smokeless fuel for open fires room heaters and cookers.

Cosilite 20kg

Cosilite Smokeless Fuel

Cosilite is a smokeless fuel for use on open fires, multifuel stoves, room heaters and stove boilers.

Extreme Heat 25kg

Extreme Heat Smokeless Fuel (CERT NO MSF0165)

Extreme Heat generates a lot of heat and leaves behind very little ash.

Newburn Briquettes 25Kg

Newburn Briquettes

Newburn™ is our fully authorised, HETAS approved solid fuel briquette. We believe it is the best on the market.