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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions about our products and services.

A Guide to Solid Fuel

From Fuels4U you are able to buy a complete range of Coals, Woods and manufactured Solid Fuels to suit all your heating requirements.

Today’s modern solid fuel appliances are easy to use and simple to control the heat output of most appliances can be quickly pre-set to the desired temperature and left alone.

Our Fuels4u solid fuel guide ensures each product provides full details of the fuel and its recommended uses. For your convenience most of our fuel range is sold in either 20kg or 25kg pre-packed bags. As part of our continued commitment to helping the environment we also offer a complete range of smokeless fuels for use in “Smoke Controlled Areas”.

Please contact your local authority to clarify if your home is situated in a smoke free zone before ordering your products.

Whether your requirements are for smokeless or traditional fuels here at Fuels4u we have the right product to suit your needs.

When purchasing your solid fuel, The Solid Fuel Association recommends you always buy from a member of the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme. As members we are trained and committed to serving our customers and abide by the Coal Trade Code.


A Guide of Smokeless Fuels

Smokeless fuel is a type of solid fuel that does not produce any smoke when burned. This makes smokeless fuel suitable for use in smoke free zones such as London and other major cities where the Clean Air Act is in force.

There are many type of smokeless fuel e.g. Blaze, Briteflame, Cosycoke, Ecoal, Excell, Homefire, Multiheat, Newflame, Pureheat, and Supertherm plus many more.

Anthracite coal is a naturally occurring Smokeless fuel.

Smokeless fuels can be burnt in a wide range of open fires and appliances including room heaters, Multi -purpose stoves, cookers and free standing boilers. Many of these appliances are multi fuel, which means that both wood and solid fuel can be burnt on them.

Smokeless fuels are cleaner and easier to use than house coal. In areas covered by the Clean Air Act, such as London, Smokeless fuels may be the only option available to homeowners who want to enjoy he warmth and cosiness of an open fire.

Each type of smokeless fuel has its own set of characteristics but generally speaking these products give off up to a third more heat than house coal and last longer too, making a bag of smokeless fuel a more economical and efficient form of heating.

Smokeless fuels are kinder to the environment than other winter fuel products as they release fewer carbon emissions than house coal. They are also cleaner in your fireplace and leave little residual unburned fuel.

Whether you are heating a single room or a complete house with an open fire, multi fuel stove or room heater of even fuelling a cooker Fuels4u has the right smokeless fuel for your needs, each providing as much heat and as little waste to the environment.