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How to best store your coal and firewood at home

With how unpredictable the English weather is, we know there will be days (if not weeks) of constant cold and rain, to then only be replaced overnight by warmth and dryness. As soon as we start getting ready for summer… the winter seems to hit us again. Over the years, the people of our ever-changing country have adapted to these extreme weather and temperature changes, resulting in one of the most prepared countries in the world. We never panic – we simply stock up.

With the various reports on the news – the nation is beginning to prepare. If you are accustomed to stocking your coal and/or firewood at home, then you know first-hand the tips and tricks to keep your heat ingredients in their best condition for when you need them most. If you’re new to this or have never stocked up before – read on!

Storing Coal

You may store your coal inside, or you may store it outside. Either way, you need to ensure the location and environment of its storage is in perfect condition – to keep your coal in perfect condition.

For storing coal inside, the best option would be to keep it in a storage room or cellar. If you’re low on spare space, you can even use a chest or coal bin. If your home uses smaller amounts, you can also store these amounts of loose coal in coal buckets or plastic tubs near your fireplace. The latter option also provides a cosy interior piece for your warm room.

You will of course have more room outside for storing larger amounts of coal. The most important thing to remember is to keep your coal covered and dry. The most reliable way to keep your coal in good condition outdoors, is to use a coal bunker. These have plenty of storage space and provide clever ways for you to shovel your coal out as and when you need it. Coal bunkers also suit majority of gardens and rarely disrupt the exterior design of your garden. Some people even store their coal in spare wheelie bins! However, you can’t store that much in them.

For those who prefer a lower maintenance option – you can always keep your coal in a pile. Just ensure it’s covered and not piled too high!

Storing Logs

As you have probably already guessed – firewood is higher maintenance to store at home.

Since firewood is a natural material – if given the right conditions, it will do what natural materials do. Rot, decay, and become infested with pests. All of which are no help when trying to light a fire. If you store your logs outdoors, they need to be completely covered and away from any soil or other areas of damp. If you have hard concrete surfaces available in the surrounding area of your home, this is a great place for your firewood to live. Alternatively, you can place your logs on a platform raised off the ground. Always stack your logs, prevent piling – and cut them into short lengths so as they are easy to grab and light!

You can also store smaller amounts within your home for a homely, cottage-like feel! Our top tip is to always have enough for up to two fires within your home. Many people often stock these surrounding their wood burner/fireplace for a nice look… and ease!

If you’re still unsure as to the best way to store your firewood or coal at your home, contact the team of experts today who will be happy to help. Get in touch with us today by dropping us a message here: Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected].